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Christmas Unplugged

Alex is obsessed. He has worked hard to achieve the highest level in an online video game, Duty Calls. When his internet connection goes down…and then the electricity goes off…and then his cell phone dies he becomes quite the Scrooge.

After visits from three visions in a dream (ala Dickens' "A Christmas Carol") Alex begins to realize that he has let video games become more important to him than anything else in his life. He has let another god come before God Almighty.

A One-Act Musical for students or mixed-age. Running time: 40-45 minutes.
Requires a cast of 6 main characters with many more minor characters who can double in several roles.

This one-act musical includes:

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  • • script
  • • vocal/piano score
  • • vocal-only score
  • • staging/production notes
  • • rhythm charts
  • • logo art
  • • mp3 demo of all songs,
      dramatic scenes
  • • mp3 split-track and stereo
      accomp. tracks

    Note: all downloadable print (pdf) and audio (mp3) files will be sent via the internet. Upon downloading, you can then make copies for your group.