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Emily is lost. Really lost. Abby never thought that the creepy girl from Chemistry class would accept her invitation to a church party. But when Emily accepted, Abby agreed to give her a ride. Only... Abby forgot to pick Emily up. Now Emily is nowhere to be found, not at the police station, not at the mall, nowhere. Where is she? This musical for students has a message for everyone: Jesus came to earth to save everyone and not just those who look like they deserve it. The song "God Could Never Love You" states the theme: "God could never love you more than He does now. He could never love you any less. His love is never measured by your love for him, or by your faithfulness." There are 10 speaking characters (some could double) and a chorus. Perfect for ensembles, but works just as well for student choirs.

A One-Act Musical for students or mixed-age. Running time: 40-45 minutes.

This one-act muscial includes:

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  • • script
  • • vocal/piano score
  • • vocal-only score
  • • staging/production notes
  • • rhythm charts
  • • jpg artwork
  • • mp3 demo of all songs,
      dramatic scenes
  • • mp3 split-track and stereo
      accomp. tracks

    Note: all downloadable print (pdf) and audio (mp3) files will be sent via the internet. Upon downloading, you can then make copies for your group.